Sixth Corporate Manslaughter Conviction

Upton Sinclair

A cleaning company has been found guilty of Corporate Manslaughter following the death of a worker in March 2012.

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Pain Compliance Techniques With Children Are Not Illegal

Misinformation and the Spread of Fake News

In a recent blog post I mentioned that I had recently met with a Government appointed panel of ‘experts’, the IRAP, who told me, quite enthusiastically, that it is illegal for anyone to use a physical technique with a child that may intentionally or unintentionally cause pain.

I have challenged this statement and had an independent legal opinion provided by a Barrister at Law who has confirmed that the statement made by the Chair of the Panel is wrong. To read more, click here:

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NFPS January 2014 Newsletter & Free Report

Happy New Year and if you would like to read our January 2014 Newsletter please click here:

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Free Webinar if You are Thinking of Becoming a Restraint Trainer

Free Restraint Trainer Webinar

If you are thinking of becoming a restraint trainer then this free webinar is for you.

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More Corporate Manslaughter Prosecutions

The fourth and fifth companies have been found guilty of charges of Corporate Manslaughter resulting in one judge commenting: “I propose to fine the company every penny that it has. I have no greater power to do anything other than impose a fine and I cannot impose a greater fine than all of its assets.”

Lawyers specialising in health and safety have predicted the frequency of convictions would accelerate as the Crown Prosecution Service has tens of corporate manslaughter cases open.

To read the full bog post go to:

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Save Between £3,000 – £14,000 Over the Next Three years by Mapping Over to NFPS Ltd

Mapping Over to NFPS Ltd

Last week I blogged about the recent Supreme Court Ruling in relation to the ‘Non-Delegable Duty of Care’, and the implications for Security Companies who employ Door Supervisors on a full-time, part-time or on a sub-contracted basis. This liability possibly also extends to venue owners who engage the services of the company’s who supply the door supervisors to their venue.

The real liability is where the a number of door supervisors have all been trained in different methods of physical intervention, and we mentioned that we had a solution to that problem, and here it is.

If you are a Physical Intervention Trainer then we are offering you the opportunity to Map-over to the NFPS system which will help reduce your liability and save you a lot of money – literally thousands of pounds!

To read the full blog post and watch the video:

You can also download a pdf handout that also explains the cost savings and benefits from the blog or by clicking here: Mapping Over to NFPS Ltd.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes
Director, NFPS Limited
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Mapping Over to The NFPS System

Mapping over to NFPS

Last week I blogged about the Supreme Court Ruling in a case that raised the issue of the ‘Non-Delegable Duty of Care’ owed to a pupil by it’s school. This Supreme Court ruling has now set a case precedent that has implications for organisations and individuals in many different occupational areas.

One solution to this issue is this: if you are a trainer delivering the SIA Approved Module 4 PI Unit of the Door Supervisors License to Practice Award and you are interested in mapping over to the NFPS system so that you can be licensed to use our material, then simply click on the link below to go to our web-site and find out more about how we can help you.

To find out more click here:

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Supreme Court Ruling on Non-Delegable Duty of Care


A recent ruling from the UK’s highest court, the Supreme Court, has paved the way for the family of a brain damaged girl to pursue compensation from a local education authority and this ruling has major implications for any organisation that uses sub-contracted agencies or staff. This ruling also has significant implications not just for all local education authorities but also for head-teachers of schools and other agencies such as hospitals, security companies, venues who use sub-contracted door supervisors and care homes who use agency staff.

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The Implications of Article 2 of the ECHR, MoD sued for Negligence, a Farmer Charged with Gross Negligence Manslaughter and the ‘Nuremberg Defense’

Art 2

Lawyers acting for the family of one of the Red Caps (Royal Military Police) killed in Iraq, have launched a legal claim alleging that commanders failed to take reasonable measures to keep him and his fellow military police officers safe.

In another case, the Crown Prosecution Service has charged a man with gross negligence manslaughter after a walker was killed after being attacked by a bull on a farm.

These two cases have serious implications for those of us who teach and commission training.

To view the video on the blog click here:


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How We Do What We Do – The Difference That Makes The Difference

How We Do What We Do

I recently received an e-mail from someone who has been a martial arts instructor for 25 years and who is also a Police instructor. He wanted to know how we could manage to train someone to be a Restraint Trainer in 5 days when it takes a martial artist, for example, many years to become an instructor.

In short, he wanted to know how we “differed” from all the others.

To find out go to:

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