New (Limited Edition) MP3 Product Coming Soon!

We will soon be taking orders for our new MP3 audio set on the Use of Force. This audio set has been the culmination of years of work and will give you all of the information (and more) that we provide on our BTEC Level 3 Restraint & Breakaway Instructors Qualifying Course allowing you to benefit not only from our years of experience, but also from some of the UK’s leading lawyers on the subject who will be giving us exclusive interviews about their legal insight into what they know about the law in relation to the use of reasonable force.

Knowledge is Power

This is a must if you are looking to improve your professional knowledge and ability and raise your standards in the field of physical intervention and self-defence training.

Potential Value

We have market tested the price that this unique and valuable product should be offered at and people have told us that it is worth thousands of pounds. When you consider that some of the lawyers you will hear charge £500+ per hour just two of those interviews alone are worth well over £1000.00.

Limited Special Offer Price

However, the first 100 sets will be offered at a special limited offer price for a very limited period of time. So, if you want to be one of the first to own one look out for our next e-mail newsletter coming soon.

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Best Regards

Mark Dawes


I am the Director and National Coach Tutor of NFPS Ltd., a specialist provider of Conflict Risk Management Consultancy and Training with specific expertise in Physical Restraint, Breakaway and Self-Defence. In addition to providing training, advice, consultancy and guidance on the physiological aspects mentioned above, we also provide training in NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation as these skills combined provide a holistic way to improve our psychology. By helping people improve both, their physiology and their psychology, we provide a complete and holistic approach to training and development.

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