The ‘Warrior Mindest’ for Business Success

The Psychology of Winning – Mental Toughness for Business

In business having a product and a market to sell to are both fundamentally important basic things to have. But one area of business that is probably the most important to have is the right mindset, the psychology if you like of a business warrior.

Now when I use the word ‘warrior’ many people would attribute that to someone who goes into battle, who is brave and who is willing to kill or die. One thing all warriors have however, is a unique mental attitude to the way they prepare and do battle.

In the field of personal safety and restraint training a lot of emphasis is still placed on doing the physical with little or no emphasis on preparing people mentally. In fact in one course I have just seen 75% of the time was spent doing physical and 25% was spent in the classroom but nothing was spent on preparing people psychologically.

The reality is when faced with someone aggressive 75% of a persons ability to survive or control the subject will depend on their mental attitude and preparation and only 25% will be dependent on technique.

The same is true for business too. 75% of your ability to become successful will be down to you mental ability. In short you need to programme yourself to believe in yourself and start behaving like a successful person and this is fundamentally important.

Our brain is a muscle and if you want that muscle to grow you have to exercise it. Put good stuff in and you get good stuff out. Put garbage in and you get garbage out. Also, the average human being has somewhere between 45,000 – 60,000 words a day internal dialogue. Now if the words we use are functional we are doing functional programming. If the words are dysfunctional you are doing dysfunctional programming. Tell yourself something often enough and it starts to become the truth.

So, here’s a simple tip that you can start doing right now. Start using positive self-talk and affirmations. If it can work for a small poor black boy to make him the world heavyweight boxing champion it can work for you too.

Mark Dawes


I am the Director and National Coach Tutor of NFPS Ltd., a specialist provider of Conflict Risk Management Consultancy and Training with specific expertise in Physical Restraint, Breakaway and Self-Defence. In addition to providing training, advice, consultancy and guidance on the physiological aspects mentioned above, we also provide training in NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation as these skills combined provide a holistic way to improve our psychology. By helping people improve both, their physiology and their psychology, we provide a complete and holistic approach to training and development.

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