Security Guard ‘Chokes’ Shop Thief To Death

Security Guard ‘Chokes’ Shop Thief To Death

Death Due to Restraint

Aaron Bishop (pictured) was restrained by the use of a “choke hold” which sadly ended his life by a security guard who also works as a door supervisor.

Samantha Gregory, a witness to the event, said: “His head was purple. He was being restrained by the neck and that was what was blocking his airways and changing his colour.” She said two men were holding his legs, a third was holding his arms and Mr Bawden had him around the neck. “The man being restrained was not doing much physically,” she added. “His face was down on the floor facing the concrete. He was just trying to breathe.”

Patrick Harrington QC, prosecuting, asked the witness: “From what you saw, was the way he was being held around the throat appropriate?”

She replied: “It was definitely not the way. It was 100% not the way to restrain somebody around the neck. He was obviously pinned down by other men, he did not need to be held around the neck.”

She said Mr Bishop was saying: “‘Let me breathe. I cannot breathe’.”

Patrick Harrington QC told the court Mr Bishop had shoplifted a £35 bottle of Joop perfume from the centre’s Debenhams store. “The cost proved very high indeed,” said the barrister. Five security guards restrained him on a gantry leading to the shopping centre’s car park, including Mr Bawden. Mr Harrington said he “used wholly inappropriate and we submit excessive means to restrain Mr Bishop.”

Can You Spot The Failings?

Once again the risk factors to those of us who are professionally trained are clear: too many staff, the use of the prone restraint and neck/choke holds being used.

Listen to an Eminent Lawyers Opinion on the Use of Such techniques

To listen to Michael Mansfield QC’s view on the use of these types of techniques go to:

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