Home Office Report Shows that Police and Councils are Failing People

Home Office Report Shows that Police and Councils are Failing People

A BBC report on BBC 1 tonight at 7,30 Pm has uncovered a leaked Home Office report that police and councils are failing to protect people who are plauged by anti-social behaviour.

The leaked report shows that councils and police are slow to act and have even made the victims of crime to feel as though they were to blame. This damages people’s confidence and can drive people to suicide.

“If you don’t know your rights you have no rights” – John Steadman.

It’s time for all of us to make a stand. The Government wants all of us to play in part in exercising our rights, but if we don’t know what they are how can we do so.

All of us who train people have a moral and ethical duty to empower the people we train as opposed to dis-empowering them.

Knowledge is power and it can have a positive effect on people’s lives – see the recent testimonial on our webiste at: http://www.nfps.info/_webapp_241323/Testimonial_Letter_-_20th_Septembert_2010

The Rise of Political Expediency and the Fall of Credible Training

Understanding Reasonable Force Audio Cd set on sale in under 7 Days. Time to start a Revolution and take back the rights that are being eroded by weak and political expedient organisations with their own self-interest at heart. See the article The Rise of Political Expediency and the Fall of Credible Training written after a conversation between myself and my late good friend Peter Boatman at: http://www.nfps.info/_webapp_193101/The_Rise_of_Political_Expediency_and_the_Fall_of_Credible_Training

Mark Dawes


I am the Director and National Coach Tutor of NFPS Ltd., a specialist provider of Conflict Risk Management Consultancy and Training with specific expertise in Physical Restraint, Breakaway and Self-Defence. In addition to providing training, advice, consultancy and guidance on the physiological aspects mentioned above, we also provide training in NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation as these skills combined provide a holistic way to improve our psychology. By helping people improve both, their physiology and their psychology, we provide a complete and holistic approach to training and development.

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