Payout for a Broken leg

A College lecturer has agreed to pay compensation to a former student after he assaulted him and broke his leg in a “friendly” soccer match.

Limerick Circuit Criminal Court was told yesterday that senior lecturer in French at the University of Limerick Dr Frederic Royall agreed to settle a civil case, following an action taken by Hooman Reyhani.

Mr Reyhani, is suing Dr. Royall (who has admitted the assault) because he had his leg broken in two separate places after being punched by Royall towards the end of a soccer match on August 3, 2007.

Earlier this year, Mr Reyhani refused a cheque for €10,000 from Royall for compensation, and Judge Moran said the compensation offered by the defendant wasn’t enough and wanted the High Court matter concluded before he could pass sentence.

Yesterday, Judge Moran heard that the civil case had been settled and was expected to be finalised in the High Court in the new year.

The amount of compensation to be paid to the injured man is unknown and the judge has adjourned Royall’s sentencing to January 28.

Interestingly Dr. Royall currently holds the position as the head of UL’s School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication.

Understanding Tort and Negligence

One of the subject areas we cover on our BTEC Level 3 Restraint & Breakaway Instructors Course is the subject of Tort and Negligence as part of our Health & Safety Training. We also teach Trainers how to supervise properly and in doing so not reduce the risk of someone being injured.

We also provide proper safety briefs that are underpinned by suitable and sufficient assessments of risk – undertaken by people who are properly qualified to do so – thus reducing the risk of any malpractice, negligence or an accident or injury occurring when you teach.

In short we Train you to Train and Supervise others safely – as required by law – and our course only costs £1500.00 + Vat – a lot less than the compensation Dr. Royall will be paying to Mr. Reyhani.

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I am the Director and National Coach Tutor of NFPS Ltd., a specialist provider of Conflict Risk Management Consultancy and Training with specific expertise in Physical Restraint, Breakaway and Self-Defence. In addition to providing training, advice, consultancy and guidance on the physiological aspects mentioned above, we also provide training in NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation as these skills combined provide a holistic way to improve our psychology. By helping people improve both, their physiology and their psychology, we provide a complete and holistic approach to training and development.

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