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More Corporate Manslaughter Prosecutions

The fourth and fifth companies have been found guilty of charges of Corporate Manslaughter resulting in one judge commenting: “I propose to fine the company every penny that it has. I have no greater power to do anything other than

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Save Between £3,000 – £14,000 Over the Next Three years by Mapping Over to NFPS Ltd

Last week I blogged about the recent Supreme Court Ruling in relation to the ‘Non-Delegable Duty of Care’, and the implications for Security Companies who employ Door Supervisors on a full-time, part-time or on a sub-contracted basis. This liability possibly

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Mapping Over to The NFPS System

Last week I blogged about the Supreme Court Ruling in a case that raised the issue of the ‘Non-Delegable Duty of Care’ owed to a pupil by it’s school. This Supreme Court ruling has now set a case precedent that

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