Face Down Restraint Caused 13 Deaths Last Year Alone

Face down restraint causes 13 deaths

Face-down restraint is a hazardous position that caused 1000 injuries and 13 deaths last year alone. In addition, figures also revealed that at least 3,439 patients were restrained in a face down position despite the increased risk of death. The key issue here is how the activity of physical restraint is suitably and sufficiently assessed for risk. Yet in many cases it isn’t.

To read more go to: http://www.nfps.info/_blog/NFPS_Blog/post/prone-caused-13-deaths-last-year/

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The Governments Proposal to Ban Prone Restraint and the Other Side of the Argument

 Government to Ban Prone Restraint and MoD to be Sued for Negligence

To hear more about this issue and to hear opinions from a barrister at law and Mark Williams, a Leading UK Expert on the Use of Force, click here: http://www.nfps.info/_blog/NFPS_Blog/post/banning-prone-the-other-side-of-the-argument/

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Government to Ban Prone Restraint and MoD to be Sued for Negligence

 Government to Ban Prone Restraint and MoD to be Sued for Negligence

To watch the video go to: http://www.nfps.info/_blog/NFPS_Blog/post/government-to-ban-prone-restraint-and-mod-to-be-sued-for-negligence/

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Homeowners Allowed to Use Disproportionate Force


This week sees a new change in the law to give homeowners more of a defence if they wake up to find a burglar in their home. Yet these very same homeowners, who the law is now committed to protecting further, are sold short while at work – a place where they are more likely to be confronted by someone with the potential to harm them.

To read more go to: http://www.nfps.info/_blog/NFPS_Blog/post/homeowners-allowed-to-use-disproportionate-force/

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Lone Working for Door Supervisors

We recently received a request for information from a very experienced door supervisors and trainer who asked us for our advice in relation to working on a door on his own. In answering his question I thought that it might be useful to some of you too so I have produced a short video that covers all of the main points that you as a door supervisor, a trainer or a venue manager need to know about. The video is part of a playlist and there are other videos on their too that you may find useful. To watch the video go to: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8kjZ0hsB-lqrtEM9kox_6I3PsTifxd2Y

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See Yourself Rich and Create the Reality You Want to Live in

Oeil et planète terre

In my last blog post I wrote about how our thoughts can create our reality, and I want to follow that up with some interesting facts from the world of quantum science because I believe that this is an important area, that to some degree, has been overlooked in recent times. To read more go to: http://www.nfps.info/_blog/NFPS_Blog/post/See_Yourself_Rich/

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Beyond Belief – Unleash The Mental Warrior Inside You and Understand The Science of Getting Rich

Today we are bombarded with negative news nearly all of the time. News about the state of the economy, poverty, financial problems and personal and organisational hardship. But have you ever wondered or thought for a moment that maybe it is the very news itself that is creating the problem and helping to perpetuate it? Or could it be thought itself that the news creates that is the problem. If so, could it also be the answer? Could the invisible create the visible?

“All of the things that a person creates with his or her hands must first exist in his or her thoughts. In essence, everything is created twice.”

All thought is invisible. It cannot be seen, smelt or touched. Yet thoughts create things. The intangible becomes the tangible. To read the full blog post go to: http://www.nfps.info/_blog/NFPS_Blog/post/Beyond_Belief_-_Unleash_The_Mental_Warrior_Inside_You_and_Understand_The_Science_of_Getting_Rich/

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