Reasonable Force?

Reasonable Force?

The following video shows Merseyside Police restraining an injured man so that he could be treated for knife wounds:

The initial perception is that the Police have gone over the top. The true fact is that all of the facts have not yet been revealed.

As any force used must be ‘Reasonable in the Circumstances’ we need to understand fully what the circumstances were before making a judgement.

Mark Dawes



I am the Director and National Coach Tutor of NFPS Ltd., a specialist provider of Conflict Risk Management Consultancy and Training with specific expertise in Physical Restraint, Breakaway and Self-Defence. In addition to providing training, advice, consultancy and guidance on the physiological aspects mentioned above, we also provide training in NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation as these skills combined provide a holistic way to improve our psychology. By helping people improve both, their physiology and their psychology, we provide a complete and holistic approach to training and development.

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  1. I adore the opinions on this site, it really gives it that community sense!

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